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Desire for Beauty
The first ever Polish documentary on the issues of beauty and self-perception addresses numerous hidden questions, and reveals things that neither the makers nor the heroes of the film really expected (Directed by Miguel Gaudencio).
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Minimally invasive face lift
Rewolution in Facial Plastic Surgery

Dr n. med. Tomasz Dydymski

Specialist in Plastic Surgery

1995 – graduated from Karol Marcinkowski Medical Academy in Poznan

1995 – 1999 general surgery specialization in reputable Gastroenterogical and Endocrinological General Surgery Clinic in Poznan, where in 1999 under the supervision of prof. Ph.D. Michał Drews, he obtained the title of surgeon, followed by the specialization in general surgery in 2004

1997 – 1998 sholarship in the Plastic Surgery Departement in Cleveland Clinic in the USA. Trained in microsurgery under the supervision of prof. Ph.D. Maria Siemionow, he also carried out several researches which contributed to his Ph.D. thesis.

2003 obtained Ph.D.; the supervisor of his Ph.D thesis was M.D. Ph.D. Maria Siemionow., who in December 2008 successfully performed first in the USA face transplant

2005 -2009 the work and specialization in plastic surgery in Polanica Zdroj. The supervisor of his specialization was prof. Ph.D. K. Kobus

2009 obtained the title of plastic surgery specialist

From 2010 - plastic surgery consultant in Medical University in Poznan

Memebership in Scientific Associations:
Polish Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetical Surgery
Association of Polish Surgeons
Polish Association of Treating Burns
During his 15 years of work in surgery departments he performed many general surgery, oncological, microsurgery reconstructive and aesthetetic operations

The team of plastic surgeons of the Cleveland Clinic (USA)

Letter of recommendation M.D., Ph.D Maria Siemionow