Brow Lift

Brow Lift Surgery

Raising eyebrows is a procedure whose execution can provide a lot of positive experience. It is one of the shortest procedures and can be performed with several techniques. The most typical way of performing this type of treatment is to make the incision in the temporal region, in the scalp and prepare the skin deep under the galea up to the edge of the eye socket, then release the ligament temporal, which allows increasing the lateral part of the eyebrow upward and further lining the bottom of the skin above the eyebrows to the periosteum to make the outcome more reliable. Finally the skin is being stretched and shorten to be sewed together in the place of the original incision.

Another operational technique is to prepare the skin over the gallea- in this case we avoid the risk of damage to the frontal branch of the facial nerve. Alternate method is to perform the same incision as to the upper eyelid surgery, skin preparation 1 cm above the upper edge of the orbit, then placing several stitches on a brow level and stitching them over the edge of the eye socket.

The wonderful outcome of the brow lift surgery is long lasting and contributes to raising the attractiveness of facial appearance. Improved in appearance can make us feel more self-confident, more open, and without age complex, which often gives a new, optimistic look to the future.

This treatment is often suggested to those who do not yet qualify for the correction of the upper eyelid. The effect of open eyes and obtaining more expressive face cause that person can be perceived as strong and vital..

The most common concern associated with this type of procedure is possible sensation of pain, but most of the patients who underwent this operation in our clinic claim that earlier fears were not confirmed.

Short duration of treatment, no need for hospitalization, and quick return to normal functioning makes these treatments very popular, not only with older people, but also with those in the middle age.

Qualification for the surgery

For people coming from distant parts of the country and from abroad, consultation, which qualifies for the procedure should be carried out not later than one day before the surgery.

During the consultation, patient should ask questions and discuss all concerns assiciated with planned operation. Certified plastic surgeon designated to perform the procedure with a details explains all importand issues, determines the scope of operation and discusses the surgical technique. If patient has any ailments, or is taking any medications, needs to inform about this fact the surgeon. During the consultation patient also get the information about the risk and possible complications.

Operation and hospitalization

Eyelid surgery is performed under local anesthesia. Hospitalization in the clinic is dependent on the patient’s will, but from a medical point of view it is not required, and an hour after the surgery patient can leave the clinic.

Postoperative procedures

According to the recommendations of the surgeon, the stitches need to be removed after 7-10 days. This can be done in your country, at your family doctor’s office. For the first four weeks after the surgery it is recommended to take a special care to yourself. Despite the lack of clinical signs of a recent surgery, avoid extreme weather conditions (low and high temperature), excessive exercising, solarium and sauna. Resting and.relaxation is the best way to shorten the healing process.

Each Patient receive the detailed information on proper postoperative care on the day of discharge from the clinic.

Risk and possible complications

As with any procedure, there is always possibility of infection, bleeding, persistent tension, scars, bruises, swelling, and long-lasting lack of feeling in the operated area. In case of any doubts please discuss it with our surgeon.