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Clinic's presentation
Breast Enlargement
Korekcja nosa
Gastrick Balloon
Balonik żołądkowy
Desire for beauty
Powiększanie piersi

Breast Enlargement

Allergan (McGhan), Mentor, Polytech Silimed

Plastyka (podniesienie) piersi

Breast Lift (mastopexy)

When due to gravitation your breast become flabby and sagging…

Redukcja (zmniejszenie) piersi

Breast Reduction

It is difficult to believe when we watch lingerie commercials or look at models photos in the magazines, but woman’s breasts can be really too big…


Fat grafting with STEM cells

Liposukcja - odsysanie tkanki tłuszczowej


Fat removal by suction

Abdominoplastyka - plastyka brzucha

Abdominoplasty – Tummy Tuck

The necessity of abdominoplasty is carried out not only because of the esthetic reasons, but also because of health problems, because the excess of adipose tissue on the tummy causes vertebral column overweight and troublesome pains…

Plastyka ud, plastyka ramion

Thigh lift, arm lift


Facelift and neck lift

Each one of us has a natural need of liquidation of inevitable consequences of time passage. Young look is an invaluable ally in career because it is associated with physical and intellectual force…

Plastyka nosa

Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

A nose is located in the center of a face. It is not possible to cover it or put a mask over it. Its non-esthetic look is very often a cause of inferiority complexes, leading to lack of self-consciousness…

Korekcja uszu

Ear surgery – Otoplasty


Korekcja powiek

Eyelids surgery - Blepharoplasty

Performance of correction of upper and lower eyelids can supply our patients with a lot of positive sensations, even thought the procedures are quite fast…

Powiększanie ust

Lips Augmentation

Lips are always on show, interlocutors focus their attention just on them …



Intragastric balloon for effective obesity treatment

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