Lower Eyelid Surgery

Performance of correction of upper and lower eyelids can supply our patients with a lot of positive sensations, even thought the procedures are quite fast. Correction of upper eyelids consists in incision in natural wrinkle, then the excess of skin and orbicular muscle is removed, and that deepens the upper part of the eyelid. The wound is sutured with a very fine thread making the scar invisible.

Correction of lower eyelids consists in incision below the eyelash edge, which is invisible after the operation, then the skin is separated from the lower edge of orbital cavity and, if necessary the orbital septum is incised and the excess of adipose tissue is removed, thanks to which the „adipose sacks” located under the eyes are removed. The last stage of this procedure is removal of excess of skin, so there is no eyelid evertion. At the very end the wound is sutured. A very short and effective procedure is finished. In order to prevent infection, the antibiotic is applied on the wound. >Each one of us has a natural need of liquidation of inevitable results of time passage using variety of means. >The outstanding effects of correction of upper and lower eyelids are long-lasting and optically the face looks younger, thanks to what we can feel more self-confident, more opened and without complex of time passage. Exposure of hidden eye bulb and more expressive face cause, that we can be seen as very firm and determined persons, who are full of energy. Short time of entire procedure, mild and painless conduct, no need of hospitalization and fast healing cause that those procedures are performed very often, not only in older persons, but also in middle-aged persons.

Qualification for procedure

For persons coming from distant parts of the country or from abroad, pre-procedure consultation, which qualifies for the procedure, can be performed on the day of planned operation. During the consultation the patient should ask about all of the issues connected to the planned operation, about anything which bothered her or caused anxiety. The doctor, who is going to perform the procedure will explain the entire conduct of operation, determine the rang of operation and discuss the technique. If you have any ailments, or take any medications, inform you surgeon about it. During the consultation the patient will be informed about the possible dangers.

Operation and staying in the Clinic

This procedure is performed in local anesthesia. All of the necessary examinations are carried out on the day of operation in our Clinic. Staying in our Clinic depends on the patient. One hour after the procedure you may leave the Clinic.

Post-operative procedures

It is very important to pay special attention to the reactions of own organism in the first four weeks, although there are no symptoms of previous operation, you should avoid extreme atmospheric conditions, draughts and excessive physical overexertion. A lot of rest is recommended in order to allow fast healing. You need to also avoid sun tanning, extensive sun exposition and use of sauna. According to the recommendations of the plastic surgeon, you should remove the stitches after 7-10 days, and you can do it in any outpatients clinic or doctor’s office chosen by your family practitioner. Each of our patients will receive more individual information concerning further procedures at the discharge from Clinic.

Risk and possible complications

Just like for any other procedure, there is a risk of infection, bleeding, permanent tensions, creation of scars or swellings. For a long period of time you might not be able to feel your skin in the operated region. In case of any questions, ask our surgeon. Despite of theoretical possibility of occurrence of complications, none of the above has ever happened in our Clinic.

Post Operative Recommendation

  • Everyday desinfect the wound with boric acid
  • Put the ointment on the wound: 1st week 4 times a day;next 2 times a day (to run out of the tubes)
  • For 7 days use eye drops twice a day
  • Take Aescin (anti-swelling) 3 x 2 tabletes (2 packs)
  • For first week make cool compress on eyes 3 times a day
  • Stitches’ removal after 7 days
  • During the first 6 weeks you cannot do any exercises, e.g aerobic, fitness, swimming, etc. Patient is given a prescription for:
  • boric acid
  • eye ointment – eye drops

Hereby we wish to inform that each patient is treated individually. The cases differ between each other, therefore this instructions may be somehow different than those that you will receive from your surgeon after the operation.