Otoplasty – an easy way to feel confident

The protruding ear auricles are one of the most common malformations of the outer ear. Although they are not always noticed by the surroundings, for a person who is struggling with this type of problem, they can be the reason of negative thoughts and emotional pain. A special group of patients is schoolchildren who, due to irregularities in the construction of the ear, may be exposed to unpleasant comments, which in turn may lower their self-esteem. The vast majority of people who consider ear correction are doing it for aesthetic reasons.

Ear surgery is a relatively safe procedure, associated with a small risk of complications, however, like any surgical intervention, it carries the risk of infection, hematoma or bad healing. Almost anyone regardless age and gender can be a candidate for surgery. The most important is your own motivation to change your appearance, because there are no significant contraindications for this type of surgical correction.

The surgery usually consists of changing the ear position, however, it can also include the correction of its shape or size. Otoplasty, that is ear plastic surgery, allows you to effectively restore the correct appearance, as well as the correct position, or improve the proportions of the ear.

In most cases, the procedure is performed under local anesthesia. It lasts about 1-2 hours- patients return home on the same day.

The first changes are visible immediately after the procedure, however, the process of remodeling the cartilage of the auricle can last up to 6 months. After this time, it becomes harder, but also more flexible. The surgically shaped ear cartilage remains in that position- the treatment outcome is permanent.

Below are a few „before and after” examples of ear correction:


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