October Day of Beauty

Every year we try to warm up the autumn aura, organizing special meetings for Women. This upcoming autumn will be no exception!

Already on October 7th at Artplastica Clinic we invite you for:

  • free consultations with laryngologist and aesthetic medicine doctors. ENT doctor will advise how to get rid of the discomfort associated with breathing, and specialist in aesthetic medicine will examine the condition of your skin and indicate what treatment is best for you.
  • get a chance to win attractive prizes, including free treatment in the field of aesthetic medicine. There will be multiple winners of the day!
  • lecture with experienced specialists who will share with you a valuable knowledge about the daily rituals of beauty that every woman should know, caring for the condition of the at every stage of life.
  • as every year our  inspiring talks will be accompanied by the perfect snacks from the Wild Goose restaurant.

The meeting starts at 15:00 and will last until the evening. Admission is free.

Please note: It is necessary to make a reservation in advance to participate in the event!

Please e-mail us: info@artplastica.pl or call: (+48) 91 45 40 442