Why German people frequently travel to treat themselves to Poland?

The possibility to have a surgery less than half price comparing to Germany, while maintaining high medical standards is the most important factor that helps patients make a decision to travel all the way to Poland instead searching for clinics in Germany.
The whole world has already appreciated our specialists- doctors and medical personnel. Surgeons have gained a reputation thanks to their involvement in numerous international scientific societies, educational events and development of innovative forms of treatment. Polish medical facilitates from the very beginning took care of foreign patients offering a service coordinator who not only organize the procedure itself, but also helps with travel arrangements and additional services.
That is exactly how Artplastica works, thereby we are constantly focusing the attention of foreign media. This time, we have been invited by German TV station NDR to create together a TV document.

The first organizational meeting with journalists from Germany is already behind us! We will be happy to share updates on the project.

To find out more please contact us at: +48 510 053 545

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