„The Satisfied Patient”, „The Quality of the Year 2015”

The Quality of the Year 2015 – ArtplasticaWe are pleased to inform that taking care of the highest level of service in 2015 resulted in two important for us awards: „The Quality of the Year 2015” in service category and the ‘Satisfied Patient’ certificate. Both titles have an exceptional value for us, because testify that the effort of continuous improvement and development has been noticed and appreciated.

‘The Satisfied Patient’ project, organized by the ‘Instytut Badań Marki’ intends to reward only those medical facilities that are recognizable on the market, contribute to health improvement, and stand out thanks to the high level of service. The award was conferred based on a research with the ‘mystery shopper’, internet surveys and research level of patient satisfaction with the services provided at our facility.

The ‘Satisfied Patient’ certificate

Equally valuable for our team is ‘The Quality of the Year 2015’ certificate, which is the most important award that promotes quality in Poland. We have won it for the third time! This award, gives our patients clear information about the unchanging, highest quality of our medical service. That is an evidence of meeting many particular criteria like high level of professional ethics and commitment to quality improvement projects. For medical facility is the basis of proper functioning and for patients guarantee of safety.

The Quality of the Year 2015 – Artplastica – Plastic Surgery Clinic The Quality of the Year 2015 – Artplastica – Plastic Surgery Clinic

Thank you for appreciating our efforts. We are giving our word that, we will continue doing our best!