Tummy Tuck – patient’s point of view

AN INTERVIEW WITH MONIKA – patient of Artplastica Clinic

I dreamed of this surgery for many years. It all started right after having children- 19 years ago, I came into conclusion that this operation has to take place. When I saw my tummy, I found out that I simply cannot live like that – It use to be my really huge complex, I could not undress on the beach. This went on for many years. I felt horrible about it, I could not look at myself in the mirror. I cried counless times. In intimate situations the whole time I struggled to cover it up with underwear. I’ve always been alert, wouldn’t allow my partner to see me completely naked. No pleasure whatsoever.

After the surgery I feel a lot better as a woman. My intimate contacts look completely different, finally I feel good in my own body. I am extremely happy and satisfied.

Was it worth it? Beyond any doubt. Of course you need to be aware of the consequences. The doctor always explains patient that everything can happen. I’m a nurse, I have a knowledge on the subject and I know that there is nothing to be afraid of. If you follow doctor’s recommendations, complications are not likely to occur, and the outcome is really outstanding, makes every woman happy. I believe that the purpouse of these operations is to feel more secure, confident, feminine.

Tummy Tuck in artplastica 1