Overweight and obesity are civilization diseases, that are increasingly common problem. According to statistics, already over one billion people in the world are fighting overweight and about 300 million obesity, and this is putting millions of people at serious risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and stroke. An additional psychological burden is social ostracism and exclusion from some activities. The consequence of having large body size is also a problem with saggy skin after losing weight and associated discomfort.

The problem with being overweight or obese is really serious because it is often associated with mental dependence on food, metabolic disorders, medication intake or illness. It is therefore important to consult a specialist who will set up an individual menu and help patient to implement safe, long-term diet plan to achieve slender but healthy body.


  • Before performing any surgical procedures, each patient should attempt to lose weight in association with the dietician.

  • Slimming with a gastric balloon can work for overweight people, which for various reasons cannot lose weight with a regular diet. The treatment enables the implementation of fundamental changes in the way of eating, which rely on the quantitative reduction of food intake. This works as motivation for patient to change his lifestyle and gain new habits. Implantation is a non-surgical procedure that takes approx. 30 minutes and involves inserting into a stomach a balloon filled with saline, which is later extracted (usually after six months).

  • The most serious, irreversible operation consisting of surgically removing a part of the stomach to change its shape and permanently limit the possibility of taking excessive amounts of food.(Please note: in the Beauty Group Clinic we do not perform bariatric surgery)


    Plastic surgery comes to the aid of those who want to regain the right proportion of the body after being on a slimming diet. During weight reduction, a very common side effect is loose skin, which cannot be removed in any other way than surgery. Long-term struggle with excessive body weight distorts the proportions of the body and causes changes in the skin firmness. Below is a list of treatments that can improve the well-being of people affected by overweight.



    Liposuction is a procedure that can be very helpful with body shaping and getting  rid of excessive  fat. You should not consider this treatment as a way to lose weight, but only as a help to get the desired shape of the figure. At the Beauty Group Artplastica Clinic liposuction is carried out with American device called MicroAire (Power – Assisted Lipoplasty, PAL) – which is very safe and precise. The outcome of the treatment is permanent – according to the study, removed fat cells do not reproduce, so even subsequent weight fluctuations should not disturb the achieved proportions of the body, obtained during the procedure. In spite of this, it is important to keep in mind that maintaining a low-calorie and healthy diet is essential to keep the desired outcome.

    Liposuction surgery will also help patients who have irregular, asymmetric fat distribution. Both physicians and patients agree that adipose tissue transplant  helps  to achieve a good aesthetic effect when using the acquired material to achieve the desired body proportions by, for example, enlargement the buttocks.

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    Loose skin on the stomach is a common complaint among people after massive weight loss and women who had been pregnant. In some people this problem interferes with the daily functioning, limiting the ability to move. With the help comes abdominoplasty, a popular operation of removing skin folds and restoring firmness  to the  abdomen muscles, which makes the entire silhouette looks lighter and more slender. The treatment is often combined with hernia surgery or small liposuction.

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    Breast reduction is not only perform to restore aesthetics and proportions, but also a health improvement. Excessive breasts cause overloading of the spinal column and often its bent, neck and back pain interfere with physical activity. To achieve a breast size proportional to the silhouette, the surgeon removes partially adipose tissue, skin and gland by making the right incisions, makes the breasts lifted and gain new shape.

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    This treatment is helpful in case of loss of breast volume and firmness after pregnancy, as a result of weight loss or simply skin flabbiness associated with age. When the breasts are small and drooping, the procedure of breast enlargement with well-chosen implants is often combined.

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    • GYNECOMASTIA (treatment for men)

    Men who struggle with overweight often reach optimum body weight but are still struggling with overgrowing breast gland. This usually happens to people who struggle with being overweight for teenage years or who are bodybuilders. The way to treat this condition is gynecomastia surgery, which is the reduction of male breasts.

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    Restrictive diets often affect the skin condition. Deep stretch marks develop in the skin: in females they are most often located on the chest, abdomen and buttocks, while men have them on the back and thighs (they are often associated with rapid growth or excessive muscle tissue growth). Laser therapy is the best way to treat these changes. The Beauty Group Clinic has two modern lasers: eCO2 Lutronic and BTL Fotona, which work great for firming and smoothing stretch marks.

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