Aesthetic medicine before the wedding. Bridal makeover has reached Poland!

The wedding season is in full swing. Future brides want to take care of every detail of this exceptional event, and on this special day look as beautiful as possible. Is it possible to rejuvenate and improve the appearance of the face at the last minute? Dr. Maciej Józefowicz, aesthetic medicine specialist from Artplastica Plastic Surgery Clinic answers the questions on instant makeover treatments that can beautify the face before an important day :

A.W .: Americans call this phenomenon „Bridal Makeover”. It became so popular that arise documentaries and reality shows. America went nuts about total makeovers of the future wives. Has this fashion reached Poland yet?

Dr. Maciej Józefowicz: Polish brides for years wouldn’t go any further than prenuptial visit to the hairdresser and make-up artist, but this is changing: more and more brides also visit plastic surgeons and specialists in aesthetic medicine to make to their faces more attractive before that important day.

A.W .: What treatments can be safely performed just before the wedding?

Dr. Maciej Józefowicz: It all depends how much time do we have. If it’s half a year to the wedding, we can perform basically any surgery, because we are sure that by this time all the bruises and swelling will disappear. For women under 30 years of age gentle, non-invasive skin firming treatments will do enough. I suggest to them do laser therapy, platelet-rich plasma or face volumetry with hyaluronic acid. Older women may consider the fat transfer from their body to the face, which will give it volume and lift.

A.W .: Did the ladies who show up at the clinic just few days before the wedding have the opportunity to take advantage of the treatments?

Dr. Maciej Józefowicz: It’s better not to take this risk. Even the least invasive procedure violates the continuity of the skin, so if patient is prone to rupture of the blood cells any treatment can cause bruising. In this case, it’s better to go to a beautician just for gentle skin nutrition. This is not a good time to experiment with the aesthetic medicine.

A.W .: Thank you for the interview.