Breast enlargement

Breast augmentation causes a lot of emotion and it is one of the very few procedures, where effects are visible almost right away, on the third day. Patients can enjoy outstanding results of the procedure very fast (despite the swelling which is normal for this stage), and can be discharged from the Clinic quickly without any problems. Breast augmentation is one of the most common plastic surgeries worldwide – last year in USA this procedure was carried out in 600 000 of patients. For whom is this treatment?

  • For women with a small breast or asymmetry that is a source of complex and low self-esteem
  • For women whose breast has changed the appearance as a result of pregnancy, weight loss, or simply as a result of the aging process

Breast enlargement - photo before and after surgery - Beauty Group   Breast enlargement - photo before and after surgery - Beauty Group   Breast enlargement - photo before and after surgery - Beauty Group

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However, in Poland, especially in small towns, women often decide not to undergo this procedure, and realize own dreams, due to the fear of opinion of the closest surrounding. The decision concerning this procedure is usually very hard, despite the discomfort caused by small breasts. The patients who decide to undergo this procedure are usually guided by esthetics – originally uneven location of breasts, disproportion of size, small mammary gland. Their motivation is, above all, correct mistakes of nature. If it was a malocclusion or loss of teeth such a decision would be an obvious thing, but often it happens that people who have no problem with accepting the need for dental implant surgery cannot cope with the controversy aroused by the breast implant. The question is: is it worth wasting time and energy worrying about small breast, since this problem is relatively easy to solve as in every year over half a million American women do? The most common concern of women, who are planning the operation is the fear of pain. Meanwhile, 95% of patients, who decided to enlarge their breasts in our Clinic say, that pain and other inconveniences attributed to this procedure are way exaggerated. Moreover, all of our patients claim, that if they only knew about the mild conduct of the operation and tender care of the clinic before, they wouldn’t hesitate to make this decision earlier. You can not erase those hears spent on inner dilemmas and thoughts… Undergoing this kind of operation can have an extremely positive influence on the patients’ psyche. Many of them feel more attractive, become more self-confident. Awareness of having new attributes of femininity can cause improvement of relationship with a partner, and can increase the quality of contacts with other people. Satisfaction resulting from effects of this procedure allows self-acceptance and gives new, optimistic point of view on life.


Patients coming from distant parts of the country or from abroad, are recommended to arrive to the clinic one day before the surgery to rest, and above all to undergo preoperative consultation in order to qualify for the surgery. Plastic surgeon discuss with the patient in detail the progress of the operation, methods adapted to the specific case and the possible postoperative problems. It is worth emphasizing that in our clinic any serious complications had never occurred. Patients agree that in addition to professional care at the Clinic have received detailed guidance on recovering at home. Please note that strict adherence to the recommendations determines the success of the recovery and final outcome of the surgery. During the preoperative consultation every woman is able to obtain from the doctor an answer to all questions related to the surgery, recovery and the treatment effects.

Preparation for operation

At least 4 weeks before the scheduled date of surgery patients should minimize the number of cigarettes. 14 days before the operation it is necessary to avoid aspirin and any other medicine that contains salicylic acid. Ladies over 50 years of age are asked to provide current EKG and mammography test. After booking the surgery date patients receive pre-operational recommendations. This card also contains full list of the necessary tests required in order to qualify for the surgery. If for any reason patient is not able to undergo in advance the blood tests, we can perform them in the day of surgery. When asked about the medical history remember to give your doctor honest and complete answers, especially regarding any allergies and medications intake .


The operation that usually lasts 1-1.5 hours is performed under general anesthesia. The implant is placed under the large pectoral muscle, or on top of the muscle. 2-3 cm incision is hidden in the fold under the breast or on the border of the nipple areola breast. rysunek-implant Implant can be placed under the muscle rysunek-implant-2 or just below the mammary gland(ie. on top of the pectoral muscle ) Drawings were published trough the courtesy of Allergan, the manufacturer’s of the Natrelle™ collection implants. Type of incision depends on the shape and size of the breast, the nipple diameter, the volume of the selected prosthesis and patient personal preferences. Method of placing the implant depends on its type, the desired degree of breast enlargement, the shape of your body and the surgeon recommendations. The stitches are dissolvable or non-dissolvable (to remove after14 days). Drains that are placed after the surgery in most cases can be removed after one day.

The risks and possible complications

  • Keloids
  • Bruising and hematomas
  • Infection
  • Extended the process of wound healing
  • Changes in sensitivity of breast and nipples: in most cases these changes are temporary, in extremely rare cases – permanent
  • Capsular contracture – hard scar tissue that forms around the implant
  • Rupture of the implant
  • Wrinkling of the skin at the edge of the implant
  • Risks associated with anesthesia -Skulls
  • Chest pain
  • Blood clots
  • Possible need for reoperation

This is a risk that may occur as a result of breast augmentation surgery, but all these events are extremely rare. Besides, it should be emphasized that despite the risks associated with breast implants, the surgery doesn’t affect the breast health in general. Very detailed studies prove the lack of connection between breast implant surgery and autoimmune or other diseases . What should consider prior to surgery! Even the best implants do not guarantee that effect of surgery will last forever. Pregnancy, weight loss, or the process of menopause can affect the appearance of your breasts.

Post Operative Recommendation

  • During the first two weeks after surgery you should take Vitamin C; 3x 1 tablet
  • After 10 days from surgery you should massage your breast 3 times a day for 1 minute for the next 5 weeks (massage by kneading your breast with hand)
  • For 10 days you should disinfect the wound
  • Every second day change the dressing and clean the wound with salicylic spirit (alcohol) or perhydrol liquid and put the antibiotic ointment Betadine or Nitrofurazon
  • In case of non-absorbable stitches, after 14 days you should cut one side of stitch’s tip inshor the skin and take off the second tip (remove the whole stitch)
  • It is advised to change the dressing in sterile dispensary
  • 3 weeks after surgery scarfs should be greased with Dermatix ointment (twice a day)
  • During the first 6 weeks you have to wear the bra day and night and compression belt over the breast
  • For 3 weeks from your surgery every (even simple) activity, that requires physical efford like: cleaning, vaccuming or washing is forbidden
  • During the first 6 weeks you cannot do any exercises, e.g aerobic, fitness, swimming, etc.
  • During the first 3 months: sun-bathing, solarium and sauna are forbidden
  • Patient received a prescribtion for / Patient was given medication from Clinic:
  • Painkiller medication: Ketonal (in case of pain)
  • Ointment with antibiotic: BETADINE or NITROFURAZON

If you have any doubts you should immediately contact with the Clinic

Hereby we wish to inform that each patient is treated individually. The cases differ between each other, therefore this instructions may be somehow different than those that you will receive from your surgeon after the operation.