Face lift

Each one of us has a natural need of liquidation of inevitable consequences of time passage. A wonderful effect of face lifting gives many of our patients young, attractive look. It happens, that they can be more self-confident, opened towards others, get rid of the age complex – in one word: younger. The excess of skin tissue results in droopy and slack cheeks. It causes dropping of angles of the mouth, and for that reason we see such person as unhappy or annoyed, even though she or he has good disposition.

After this procedure the face undergoes positive metamorphosis, just like the patient’s mood. This procedure is one of the most difficult operations among the plastic surgeries, therefore it has to be performed with special attention and a lot of precision. We cut the skin above the auricle, within the hairy skin of the temple, then down in front of the ear and behind the auricle up, than transverse to the scalp of occiput. Later we release the skin of the entire cheek, and depending on the conditions, also of the neck. By the parotid gland we shorten the buccal fascia, which results in cheek rejuvenation. On the neck we pull tight the wide muscle of the neck, which reduces the neck wrinkles. At the end of the procedure we remove the excess of skin through cutting off, which results in additional evening of the face, and we install the drainage in order to control the bleeding. Naturally, this fantastic effect is long-lasting. Performance of this procedure usually has an extremely positive influence on the patients’ psyche. Thanks to the effects of lifting, many of them feel younger more energetic, and they get new point of view for life. Usually they also get more optimism, which improves contacts with others. The patients of 40-50 years old can be qualified for minor procedures, for examples if the wrinkles are present only on the cheeks, we can perform so called minilifting, which means that we pull the buccal fascia, and skin, which improves the look of cheeks. On the other hand, if the excess of skin and flaccidity appear on the neck, we perform neck lifting, where the incision is almost totally hidden behind the auricle, and pooling of skin and wide muscle of neck removes the wrinkles as well as skin and fatty bulge under the chin.

Qualification for procedure

For persons coming from distant parts of the country or from abroad, pre-procedure consultation, which qualifies for the procedure, can be performed on the day of planned operation. During the consultation the patient should ask about all of the issues connected to the planned operation, about anything which bothered her or caused anxiety. The doctor, who is going to perform the procedure will explain the entire conduct of operation and discuss the method. If you have any ailments, or take any medications, inform you surgeon about it. During the consultation the patient will be informed about the possible dangers.

Preparation for operation

The ladies coming from very distant parts of the country and Europe should come the day before the planned operation, so they can take a rest after the trip. After qualification all of the necessary blood tests will be carried out in our Clinic. Only the patients who are more than 50 years old should get their EKG and mammography done before coming to the clinic. You are not allowed to eat or drink anything on the day of operation. Your stomach should be perfectly empty. The patient should reduce cigarette smoking at least 4 weeks before the planned operation. Pain killers with acetylsalicylic acid or medications which contain aspirin should be stopped at least 14 days before the operation, because they have influence on blood clotting. You need to tell your plastic surgeon about all of the medications that you take. All kinds of allergies are also very important for your medical history. In case of any kind of change of the date of operation, for example due to sickness, please inform the Clinic, so we can arrange another date for you.

Procedure and staying in the Clinic

This procedure is performed in general anesthesia. All of the necessary examinations are performed on the day of operation in our Clinic. Only the patients 50 years old or older should get their EKG done before coming to the Clinic. Thanks to the use of very modern, low invasive operation techniques, your stay in our Clinic shouldn’t exceed 3-4 days.

Postoperative procedures

It is very important to pay special attention to the reactions of own organism in the first four weeks. Although there is no pain, or other symptoms of operation, you should avoid extreme atmospheric conditions, draughts and excessive physical overexertion. A lot of rest is recommended in order to allow fast healing. You need to also avoid sun tanning, extensive sun exposition and use of sauna. For the first three months after healing you are recommended to use all kinds of creams and medications which reduce the scars. According to the recommendations of the plastic surgeon, you should remove the stitches after 7-10 days, and you can do it in any outpatients clinic or doctor’s office chosen by your family practitioner, the dressing is usually used for 10 days. Each of our patients will receive more individual information concerning further procedures at the discharge from Clinic.

Risk and possible complications

Just like for any other procedure, there is a risk of infection, bleeding, permanent tensions, creation of scars or swellings. For a long period of time you might not be able to feel your skin in the operated region. In case of any questions, ask our surgeon. >Despite of theoretical possibility of occurrence of complications, none of the above has ever happened in our Clinic.

Postoperative Recommendations

  • The change of the dressing – in every second day (wounds should be cleansed with perhydrol liquid and salicylic alcohol.
  • It is advised to change the dressing in sterile dispensary
  • The stitches removal – 10 -14 days after the operation
  • The ointment to liquor the scars should be used for 3 weeks
  • You should avoid high temperatures for 6 months
  • During the first 6 months: sun-bathing, solarium and sauna are forbidden
  • 3 weeks after surgery scars should be greased with Dermatix or Scar Repair ointment (twice a day)
  • For 3 weeks from your surgery every (even simple) activity, that requires physical effort like: cleaning, vacuuming or washing is forbidden
  • For 6 weeks after the surgery you cannot practice any sport that requires physical effort, like: aerobics, fitness, swimming etc.
  • Regular control at your General Practitioner; 3 months following the surgery you should have a medical control with your surgeon

If you have any doubts you should immediately contact with the Clinic

Hereby we wish to inform that each patient is treated individually. The cases differ between each other, therefore this instructions may be somehow different than those that you will receive from your surgeon after the operation.