Neck Lift

The skin of the neck is very gentle – with age it quickly loses its elasticity, becomes flaccid and wrinkled. To hide the passage of time, mature women often reach for scarves and turtlenecks, and pose for photos with their heads raised. For many ladies, the solution to the problem may be plastic surgery.

Neck lift surgery reduces the symptoms of aging by removing excess skin and muscles, and in some cases also by reducing fat deposits. Most often, neck lift is performed simultaneously with face lift surgery. This combination gives the ultimate effect of spectacular rejuvenation and eliminates the disproportion in skin flaccidity between the face and neck.

If you have questions about the treatment, please contact the Beauty Group clinic specialists. For this purpose, we invite you to a personal consultation with a plastic surgeon or initial online consultation.


  • visible aging of the neck

  • excess of stretched skin around the face and neck in patients who have quickly lost weight

Neck lift is recommended primarily for patients in whom the disproportion in tightness of the skin between the face and neck is the cause of complexes and deterioration of self-esteem. The procedure is usually performed on people over 50 years of age. It should be remembered, however, that prior to the surgery a qualification from plastic surgeon and patient preparation is required.


  • inflammation and skin infections
  • vascular blemishes
  • poor health condition
  • diabetes
  • untreated hypertension
Contraindications to neck lift also include excessive and impossible to meet expectations for surgery outcome.

When planning the operation, remember:

  • quit (or limit) smoking at least four weeks before the surgery
  • avoid blood thinning preparations such as aspirin two weeks before the scheduled date of surgery
  • inform your doctor about medicines and substances you are allergic to
  • inform your doctor about all medications and supplements you have recently taken
A detailed card of preoperative recommendations along with a list of tests needed in the qualification process for surgery are given to patients when booking a surgery. If for various reasons you cannot prepare the results in advance- we can do them at the clinic.


Medical consultation and surgery

The day of consultation with the plastic surgeon is just as important as the day of surgery. It is the time when patient is pre-qualified for neck lift (or often face and neck lift), and the individual scope of treatment is agreed. To ensure that during the consultations no issues are missed, specialists from the Beauty Group Clinic recommend to write down the most important questions beforehand to be well prepared for the visit.


It should be remembered that arm lift surgery is a serious surgery and before making the final decision patient should dispel any doubts. Depending on patient’s time options, the consultation may take place several months before surgery or one day before planned surgery (next day surgery). When sending an inquiry to Beauty Group Clinic, we always ask patients which option they are interested in. Our staff will then guide you what steps you should take next.

The course of neck lift surgery

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia. The duration of the procedure is very different and depends on the problem, but usually oscillates within 1-2 hours (the surgery will be significantly longer if combined with a face lift). The surgical method of lifting the neck is to increase muscle tense, remove excess skin and in some cases reduce body fat. The neck skin is stretched up and to the sides, which eliminates wrinkles and skin folds. Small cuts are made in front of and behind the ear, on the hairline in the occipital region, sometimes also under the chin. The type and location of incisions is always discussed with the patient before surgery. It is worth mentioning that when deciding on the procedure, you also agree with the possibility of formation visible scars , that will fade after recovery, but will never disappear compleatly. Patients usually stay in the clinic for one or two days depending on the doctor’s recommendation. All patients after operations under general anesthesia have round-the-clock medical care and full board. After the procedure, it is recommended to wear a special compression mask that shapes the neck to support healing. For several weeks after the operation, small bumps may be felt under the skin, which disappear over time. Another symptom may be temporary sensory disturbances in the operated area. The final outcome of the procedure can be evaluated approximately 6 months after surgery.

Post-treatment recommendations

Patients receive the discharge card and the full postoperative recommendations on the day of leaving the clinic. In addition to individual indications for the patient, these documents also contain fixed points:
  • you should wear well-fitting compression garment for the next few weeks after the surgery
  • during the first 2-3 weeks after the procedure, activities that require physical effort should be avoided (cleaning, hand washing, vacuuming, etc.)
  • during the first stage of convalescence, that is for six consecutive weeks after the operation avoid sports (gym, aerobics, swimming, etc.)
  • up to 6 months after the operation do not go to sauna and solarium; you should also avoid intensive sunbathing.