Correction of Prominent Ear (Otoplasty)

Performance of this kind of procedure can supply our patients with a lot of positive sensations. Otoplasty is one the shortest procedures and consists in suitable incision behind the auricle, in order to expose the cartilage, and after thinning of the cartilage it is well modeled, and the non-soluble sutures are used. This moment of operation is very important, because it is important to model the cartilage well, so it looks semi-round from the front, without any traces of bending, looking like ear correction. In one word the ears have to look as natural as possible, so there are suspicions, that they were operated. After the procedure we use the non-absorbing sutures, behind the ear, on the site of incision, and we put the dressing for 7 days. After that period the sutures can be removed. The effect of otoplasty is very satisfactory and it lasts for the entire life. An attractive look and the cause of complexes removed will happen that we will be more self-assured, more opened. Short time of procedure, no need of hospitalization, no pain and quick recovery happen, that this operation is often performed not only in adults, but also in youth and children.

Qualification for procedure

For persons coming from distant parts of the country or from abroad, pre-procedure consultation, which qualifies for the procedure, can be performed on the day of planned operation. During the consultation the patient should ask about all of the issues connected to the planned operation, about anything which bothered her or caused anxiety. The doctor, who is going to perform the procedure will explain the entire conduct of operation and discuss the method. If you have any ailments, or take any medications, inform you surgeon about it. During the consultation the patient will be informed about the possible dangers.

Operation and staying in the Clinic

This procedure is performed in local anesthesia. All of the necessary examinations are carried out on the day of operation in our Clinic. Staying in our Clinic depends on the patient, although it is not necessary from the medical point of view. One hour after the procedure you may leave the Clinic.

Post-operative procedures

According to the recommendations of the plastic surgeon, you should remove the stitches after 7 days, and you can do it in any outpatients clinic or doctor’s office chosen by your family practitioner. >It is very important to pay special attention to the reactions of own organism in the first four weeks, although there are no symptoms of previous operation, you should avoid extreme atmospheric conditions, draughts and excessive physical overexertion. A lot of rest is recommended in order to allow fast healing. You need to also avoid sun tanning, extensive sun exposition and use of sauna. Each of our patients will receive more individual information concerning further procedures at the discharge from Clinic

Risk and possible complications

Just like for any other procedure, there is a risk of infection, bleeding, permanent tensions, creation of scars or swellings. For a long period of time you might not be able to feel your skin in the operated region. In case of any questions, ask our surgeon. Despite of theoretical possibility of occurrence of complications, none of the above has ever happened in our Clinic.

Post Operative Recommendation

  • Every second day change the dressing and clean the wound with salicylic spirit (alcohol) or perhydrol liquid and put the antibiotic ointment Betadine or Nitrofurazon
  • It is advised to change the dressing in sterile dispensary
  • Stitches removal after 8 days from surgery
  • For 6 weeks you should wear a special compression band to protect your earlobe
  • During the first 6 weeks you cannot do any exercises, e.g aerobic, fitness, swimming, etc.
  • Patient received a prescribtion for / Patient was given medication from Clinic:
  • Painkiller medication: Ketonal (in case of pain)
  • Ointment with antibiotic: BETADINE or NITROFURAZON

If you have any doubts you should immediately contact with the Clinic

Hereby we wish to inform that each patient is treated individually. The cases differ between each other, therefore this instructions may be somehow different than those that you will receive from your surgeon after the operation.