Anna - Breast Augmentation & Eyelid Correction

Breast Augmentation & Eyelid Correction: an Outstanding Makeover

Step one: perfect breasts

Around three months after I saw the work of Dr. Kuna who operated my friend, I underwent my first surgery myself. Seeing my friend has accelerated my decision to realize my personal dream that has always been on my mind.
Recovery time after the surgery proceeded rapidly – just four days after breast augmentation surgery I was able to perform simple household activities. I passed that time very gently and painlessly. After two months I could play sports!

Anna - Breast Augmentation & Eyelid Correction

Step two: beautiful eyes

I already had several surgical procedures. Each treatment has been less stressful, especially since I gained confidence in Artplastica specialists. I come to the clinic as I would visit the family.

I decided to undergo eyelid correction due to genetic inclinations and inexorably approaching the elder age. Drooping eyelids, inherited from my father over the years have become more and more apparent – they aged me, performing makeup was difficult and not so effective, I would have wished. Having problems with vision and many hours working in front of the computer have not helped the case.

My surgery was performed under local anesthesia, during which I was conscious and able to communicate with medical personnel. After only 40 minutes I was already resting in the recovery room, and after another 15 minutes I was on my way home. It took me only a week time sitting at home on a sick leave, and waiting until swelling and bruising disappear. I was not in pain whatsoever.

Today I finally have large and beautiful eyes … can’t even express how happy I am.

Changes visible to all

My life after surgery has changed 180 degrees. The smile does not disappear from my face. I feel wonderful: beautiful, feminine, wholesome. I feel inner peace, self-confidence. Others say that I achieved nirvana. I exude joy and serenity. People surround me see the change that has occurred in my appearance –and it’s not just physical! Both relatives and strangers say I look 10 years younger. Changes also occurred in my approach to the others and the world. This does not mean that I was previously mean (laugh).

Modeling? Why not!

A year after the first treatment I came with the idea to immortalize the work of Dr. Kuna doing a photo session. I want to have a souvenir for myself and future generations- let them know that Grandma was a hot chick! The photo shoot was very feminine, sensual …almost unreal. Although I was never crazy about picture posing, I cannot take my eyes off of these pictures, I like them so much. They are very professional and make an impression on everyone! This experience pushed me to contact with photo modeling agencies. Soon I will be showing lingerie for mature women.


To me the most important when choosing a facility was experience of specialists, their practice and patient opinions. I will remember my stay at the clinic as very pleasant: from lovable ladies in the office to the wonderful warm nurses. Professional service and advice.

Anna - Breast Augmentation & Eyelid Correction