„Desire for beauty” on New York festival

Picture „The Desire for Beauty” created as a cooperation result of Alicja Kapturski – initiator of the movie idea, and the Portuguese director Miguel Gaudencio was selected to participate in the prestigious New York City Summer Online Film Festival. An innovative art project will compete with other prominent productions from around the world.

Festiwal w Nowym Jorku

Touching sensitive subjects movie, has been made in close cooperation with Artplastica Clinic.

The filmmakers document real Artplastica patients seeking beauty solutions, subtly mixing their true stories with a fictional storyline. Agata Kulesza narration and her intimate dialogues with personalities of Polish art and show business complete the image, summarizing Polish beauty culture and presenting diametrically different points of view on cosmetic surgery and physical attractiveness.

Viewers from overseas will have the opportunity to see this inspiring picture soon –that is on the 25th – 27th of August. Another festival that honored the image with the award nomination is Eko International Film Festival.

All interested in film, please visit the movie website, where you can watch the trailer and find extra features.

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