The perfect lips

The perfect lips

Lip augmentation is an extremely popular procedure, but does its name fully reflect the specificity of this procedure? It turns out that not necessarily. A good specialist in aesthetic medicine is not only focused on enlarging the lips, but also on their perfect matching to the client’s type of beauty. What are the ways to change the shape of the lips?

Modeling the lips

In the lip modeling process, the experience of the doctor performing the procedure is the key. The method of administering the preparation determines the later outcome, so the experienced hand is of paramount importance here. It is also important to select the preparation to match the needs of the patient. Specially dedicated to this treatment are preparations based on cross-linked hyaluronic acid, which fill the lip red, shape the lips contour, and compensate asymmetry.

The change in the shape of the lips may bring the proportions of the face closer to the desired ideal, provided that we do not overdo it with the amount of filler given. – The needs of my patients are different. Most often I add volume to the lips, sometimes only the asymmetry of the upper and lower lip should be compensated. In the elderly, it is important to improve the contour of the mouth, reduce the smoker’s wrinkles and give the lips freshness – says Dr. Maciej Józefowicz, an aesthetic medicine specialist from the Beauty Group Clinic.

Special-purpose acid

The producers of preparations dedicated to aesthetic medicine do their utmost to satisfy every potential patient and minimize any risk of postoperative complications. Currently, the standard is to enlarge lips with products specially designed for this purpose. There are a lot of different preparations available on the market, but not everyone is worth recommending. Both patients and doctors often choose Allergan products, which offers the Juvederm line. Juvederm ULTRA Smile filler is delicate, with thesoft structure, that it does not carry the risk of leaving lumps. Restylane Lipp is also very popular.

Enlarged for longer

For those who do not want to periodically repeat the treatment with hyaluronic acid, doctors recommend the procedure of transferring into the lips their own fat tissue (lipofilling). The procedure is simple and effective, and it is performed under local anesthesia. The amount of adipose tissue that will be immediately absorbed is about 30%, what is left may stay up to several years. The cost of the treatment is double comparing to treatment with hyaluronic acid, but the oucome will last much longer.