„I wanted to improve my appearance and I did”

How we helped Aneta?

It took me a year and a half considering the decision to have the first operation. I knew very well what I would like to change in myself, I just couldn’t make up my mind as it came to choosing the right facility. Artplastica Clinic was the third place I called, and I instantly knew this is where I want to undergo surgery – conversation was not perfunctory, I received complete answers to all my questions.

Consultation with Dr. Dydymski- plastic surgeon, provided me with complete information about upcoming operations and their order. Doctor accurately described course of the operation, any possible postoperative complications, and fully discussed my treatment plan. I think this is very important for the patient and personally helped me to make a decision about surgery.

Quick recovery

I already had a total of three operations in Artplastica. At first I felt very afraid, the second time much less. Fear returned during the third surgery, which was for me the most painful, but in the end gave me the greatest joy, and had a salutary influence on my mood. After the first two operations I went back to work relatively quickly because I felt very well, while the third required a longer recovery period. It’s now six months since the last surgery and I feel fantastic!

Changing the quality of life

I wanted to improve my appearance and I did. I am very happy, and if I had to make a decision about surgery again, I would.Aesthetic Medicine - before and after

Aneta - Tummy Tuck


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