“I think that I no longer missing the confidence”

How we helped Natalia?

As a teenager I consider myself as a typical average girl- small, freckle-faced, skinny and flat-chested.

I know perfectly well what it’s like to feel worse. It took me a lot of time to realize that my self-esteem has a big impact on how others perceive me. When this breakthrough came I realized that I am able to do a lot, that I have multiple talents and if I really want something, I can achieve it. The most important changes are internal, but I have the impression that some people also need an exterior transformation to discover their inner beauty.

Better late than never

I thought about undergoing breast augmentation surgery for a long time and always kept telling myself that when I have the opportunity I will immediately do it. I believe that women undergo this type of surgery only for themselves and the opinion of other people should not influence their decision. I used to asked myself the question whether such a conscious, voluntary surgical intervention in my own body is a good idea … and was afraid to go for it, so that’s how it receded in time. At some point I realized that if I think about it all these years, it’s finally time to do it.

Natalia Natalia
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