„I think my breasts are just perfect . I could walk all day without a bra and admire the results in the mirror”

How we helped Veronica?

The decision to undergo breast enlargement was well thought and I was one hundred percent committed to do it. When I thought about my surgery, I experienced mostly pleasant excitement that at any moment my dream was about to fulfill. Although I was trying to stay positive, on the operation day caught me stress …what’s understandable I was afraid of general anesthesia.


My concerns with general anesthesia proved to be unfounded. Falling asleep in the operating room I found very comfortable, and when I woke up I was surprised that the surgery was already over. I did not feel pain, moreover I can even say that I was euphoric! At the clinic I was surrounded by the nurses and the doctor, all of them showed great concern in my well-being. On the second day the dressing was taken off, so I could finally take a deep breath. That time I also had the opportunity to take a look at my new breasts for a first time…

Womanhood, here I come

I think my breasts are just perfect. I could walk all day without a bra and admire the results in the mirror. I believe that the operation took place at the perfect timing – maybe if it was held two years ago, I would not be able to appreciate it so much? I think it’s very important that this was a conscious and deliberate decision.

Veronika - breast enlargement  Veronika - breast enlargement
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