They talked about me: the one with huge nose

Why I decided on the operation?

First and foremost nose is in the centre of our face. You cannot hide it. Everyone that talked with me on the very first moment saw my nose. This kind of psychological discomfort accompanied  me so long that finally I decided to do something about it. I realised that I can change it and fulfill my dreams. What I expected after the operation? First of all I wanted to feel confident. That was most important for me. To feel that  during the conversation with other people nobody will focus on my nose but on me.

Casting changed my life

I could not believe that it is happening for real when the clinic called me with the information that I was accepted  for casting. I was so happy! Shortly before the operation I felt no fear. I was awear what I was doing and  why I do it. I knew I do it for myself. I did not need any relaxing tablet… I was full of peace… just waiting.

I have never thought – even for a second – that something may go wrong. I was sure that my new nose will be better… but it is just perfect! So beautiful!

Was it worth it?

If somebody is dreaming about the operation – should go for it. It is worth to make our dreams come true.  I know it was the absolute right decision, and I would never change that decision if I had to go back.  I only regret that I have not done it earlier.

Nose correctionNose correctionNose correctionNose correction
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