Tummy tuck – my best decision. I have never regretted it!

How we helped Anna

I have been wanting an abdominoplasty for quite a few years. From the moment I gave  a birth to my first child.

It was C-section with vertical incision… my belly looked terrible! Big scar, sagging loose skin, horrible stretch marks… When I gave a birth to my third  child – I was ready for the operation. I had wanted the surgery for so long that I couldn’t wait any longer, so I  decided to go ahead with it.

What I felt after the operation

When I saw my new belly I was crying tears of happiness. I was recover very quickly. I was surprised about lack of pain following the procedure. There was only some mild discomfort so I returned to normal activity shortly after the operation. There was no complications so I was just excited to see the final result especially that the scar became nearly invisible.

Incomparable comfort

Thanks to the operation I am so much more confident! I’ve been so ashamed of my belly. Now I am happy mature woman. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. The surgery really changed my outlook on life.

anna-tummy-tuck-1 anna-tummy-tuck-1 Anna - tummy tuck  Anna - tummy tuck Anna - tummy tuck Anna - tummy tuck



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