‘When I started to lose weight, I also began to take a better care of myself. Along with the loss of each kilo I have been learning to enjoy life again’

How we helped Basia?

Before starting the treatment with gastric balloon my weight was 99 kg at 170cm height. For the first 6-8 weeks the process of losing weight went really slow – at my height weight loss of 5-7 kg was very insignificant. Breakthrough occurred around the middle of the program. Each time I stepped at the scale I could not believe my eyes …day by day I was getting slimmer.

Success motivates

When you are overweight, it’s hard to enjoy life. I did not go shopping, I did not want to do anything with myself. Why would I care if I was fat anyway? When you find yourself in such situation you do not want to take any effort, you don’t care for yourself, and this is another reason for depression. You begin to think that everyone see you unattractive, and this causes resentment and anger on yourself and everybody else. When I’ve started losing weight, I’ve started to take care of myself. I’ve started slowly with changing my hairstyle, but it was just the beginning. With my kilograms gone- hopefully forever- I have gained new motivation. Along with the loss of each kilogram I have been learning to enjoy life again. Right now I feel really happy.

A new beginning

I feel great joy and satisfaction. Now I am really aware that I do not have those pounds anymore. My head, psyche, consciousness, everything is ready for that. I I was trying to delay the balloon removal surgery as much as I could, because I was afraid that this beautiful dream would soon to be over. I kept thinking that in a moment I wake up fat again. But the balloon is gone and I’m still slim.

Basia after sutgery  Basia after surgery
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