“I feel younger and happier”

How we helped Ewa?

The first operation I had was the correction of the upper eyelids. I made my decision after reading reviews about Dr. Tomasz Dydymski and the clinic. The proximity of the facility, pleasant and professional telephone contact and competent answers to my questions during the consultation assure me that it is worth to do the treatment.
The decision about doing next operation was much easier, because Artplastica has already earned my confidence. Educated, experienced professionals and very friendly staff convinced me to quickly return to the clinic.

Quick recovery

Recovery period was short and went without any problems . The wounds healed quickly and well: in the second week, I returned to my daily duties.
My stay in Artplastica was really pleasant. Thank you Dr. Thomas Dydymski and the whole staff for the wonderful work .
Has my life changed?
A lot!
After all those surgeries I had, I feel more comfortable in everyday living.
I feel younger and happier.

Pictures - before surgery - after upper eyelid correction - after Face lift

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