“My nose in profile before and after? Instant improvement!”

How we helped Kinga?

Since I remember my nose was my weak point. As a child I underwent nose injury, and since that time I had the impression that this accident affected not only my health, but also the appearance of my nose. The insecurity came up at a young age … I started to feel bad in my body.
Getting a job in modeling agency led to change in the perception of myself and boosted my self-esteem. Working with stylists, make-up artists ,hairdressers and photographers slowly made me realize that I’m not as ugly as I previously thought. To fully enjoy happiness and accept myself I only needed a correction of one deficiency – I wanted to look better, feel better, breathe better … for no one else but myself.

Pain? Not in my case

On a third day after the surgery my nose tamponades were due for removal. I could not look forward to it, although I was full of doubts and afraid of the pain, I’ve heard so much about. It turned out that to pull them out takes just a few minutes and the pain is minor, certainly thanks to the expert hands of a nurse.
10 days after the surgery the time of the dressing removal has finally come. I could not wait for this moment. I felt like I had a Kinder Surprise Egg that I want to unpack!

The perfect profile at your fingertips

I am delighted with the result of the procedure. I would honestly recommend this experience to everyone, because the reflection in the mirror and a sensation after the surgery is phenomenal!

Kinga - nose in profile before and after

Kinga's Makeover Kinga's Makeover

Kinga - nose correction - after surgery Kinga - nose correction - after surgery Kinga - nose correction - after surgery
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