Sally – My adventure with Artplastica – Breast uplift and Facelift

Before I decided on my first operation I was thinking about having it for over 12 months. My first procedure was my facelift.

After lots off research finally finding Artplastica I had in mind the cost was a major influence, but contacting Artplastica seemed the most cost effective, very professional clinic and the team, staff surgeons, Monika were so helpful. They were brilliant answered all my question put my mind at ease and made me feel very happy to go ahead with the procedure.

My husband and daughter also came to have surgery when I had my facelift and they felt the same and was so happy with how the team worked and how well they look after you…
Once you arrive you can see that Artplastica is very well run hospital, very relaxing atmosphere such a warm welcome. 24 hour care very helpful throughout your whole stay.

Sally - Breast uplift and facelift  Sally - Breast uplift and facelift

My face was the first procedure and the most important to me because I like to try and keep myself looking young and having my face lift made me feel a lot more confident about myself and appearance and my self-esteem.
My facelift was very pleasant from start to finish.

My last treatment was 4 weeks ago. I had my breast uplift and implants. I went on my own as I feel very relaxed and no nerves as I know I’m in good hands.
Lovely helpful team with great surgeons and Monica who deals with it all who looks after you from start to finish. Also once you are home still messages you to see how you are.

Artplastica do not send you home straight away like they would in the UK. They make you feel relaxed and when your happy to leave you do so.
You have all your information to leave with certificates solutions bra etc so great could not praise them anymore for their brilliant work!

After the opp I have rested no driving took things really easy. I have had no problems with healing.
They are healing lovely and really happy with the end result no pain what so ever.

Why I chose Poland?

I chose Poland because out of all my research I did they were the best price, communication reviews I had read, and eased my mind with any worry I had.

I rate Artplatica very highly and have recommended many of my friends, family and will continue to do so and will be back myself.


Sally - Breast uplift and facelift  Sally - Breast uplift and facelift



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