„What more can I say.. I love my new nose. It looks better than I ever imagined”

Alice - after the surgery - nose correction
I have wanted to change my nose ever since I was in my teens. Growing up I was always quite a good looking child. It was only when I got to the age of about fourteen years old that I noticed a change in myself. My nose which had once seemed to fit my face perfectly seemed to have changed, becoming slightly larger and pointy. I have quite fine features which all seem to be proportionate to my face… my nose being the exception!

I have never been teased about my nose. On occasion people have made comments such as ” I didn’t realize you had such a long nose or you have a very pointy nose”. It has always been something that I seem to be more aware of. When I announced to my friends and colleagues that I had organized a Rhinoplasty surgery they were all surprised and some a little annoyed with me. Of course they tell you that you are perfect the way that you are… You don’t need to change… But for any of those who have undergone or contemplated cosmetic surgery we all know that it is not always the opinion of others that matters but our own opinion of ourselves.

I started to organize my surgery a few months back. A friend of mine who lives in Poland sourced the clinic 'Artplastica’ for me as she had friends who had gone there for various procedures and were very happy with their results. I started to liaise with a lady called Monika. She was very helpful, providing me with all the information about the surgery, the clinic, area and the surgeon. After speaking with Monika I knew that this was the clinic I wanted to go to and I started to plan a surgery in November.

I flew to Poland on the evening 5th of November and had my surgery on the afternoon of the 6th of November. The Artplastica Clinic is more like a mansion! Beautiful building. I felt very welcome and at home there.

It was all very quick. I had my consultation with Dr.Kuna in the morning, my blood tests just after and my surgery at approx 3:30pm. I was very worried that I would wake up during my surgery but this did not happen. Almost as soon as I lay down on the hospital bed I was fast asleep! Waking up a few hours later in the ward.

There was and still is no pain. The only problem I experienced was an allergic reaction to the plastic tube they used to aid my breathing while I was sleeping. I broke out in a rash all over my face and chest. I also woke up with a very dry throat and cough. I think it will take a while for this to clear up. It has now been three days since the surgery and my throat is still rather raw.

I have to mention that all of the nurses and the two English translators Monika and Magda were brilliant. They all went above and beyond to help me.

What more can I say.. I love my new nose. It looks better than I ever imagined.

Alice - nose correction - before and after


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